Enjoyment as a Productivity Strategy
In which I decide, it's mostly bullshit, except for writing more books.
In which wisdom comes slowly, if at all
In which what I wrote last year explains what I just wrote about Jeeves and Wooster?
The cycle of influences never ends
How to Outline Any StoryListen now (10 min) | And why you should
Work-in-Progress update
Here's a review copy.
How It's Written: BatmanListen now (25 min) | Explaining how Batman works written is a huge task. There is simply so much Batman. Since the character's creation in 1939 every …
A preview of coming attractions
How It's Written: The Shadow Over InnsmouthListen now (22 min) | Today I'm going to take you through Shadow Over Innsmouth. To reveal the techniques that make this story, and cosmic horror, work…
Here's everything.