Couldn’t agree more. We are preached at constantly that it’s all about us and we should get everything that makes us comfortable and things easy, but worthwhile things are not easy. I tell my kids all the time, “You guys will appreciate the chores we make you do because when you get to college all your friends will be flailing not knowing how to do their own laundry or dishes or how to make any food and you guys will look at them and be like, ‘seriously? I’ve been doing this stuff since I was a kid.’” Kids need to learn how to be capable, not coddled - and of course all that with an abundance of love and grace and patience and kindness. And a little bit of “suck it up buttercup and get it done.” :)

And I’m excited to finish your story. As soon as it’s published I’m going to tell all my friends about it! I was telling someone about it last night. I think it’s a gem and an awesome fresh take on fantasy. I’m thankful for being able to listen to your book and I can’t wait to tell people about it when it’s live.

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I thought the first trigger warnings were for victims of rape who were likely to have PTSD episodes triggered by descriptions of rape? I think it's all right to protect people from reliving being raped. That sounds like something that could ruin an entire day.

But maybe there are now so many trigger warnings for things that surely wouldn't trigger any PTSD episodes, so they've become warnings for unpleasant feelings? I wouldn't know. I don't usually come across honest trigger warnings. Mostly it's just satirical trigger warnings.

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We should be kind and careful with one another. But people talk way to much about Post-Traumatic Stress and not nearly enough about Post-Traumatic Growth. Which is also a thing. Nobody should stay broken forever. And the most (and perhaps only) reliable psychological treatment is exposure therapy. To gradually and skillfully help some deal with the thing they are afraid of.

How should we balance those two concerns. I dunno. The best we can. But I think it's a mistake to make a fetish of weakness when it is also possible to make people whole again.

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