A Town Called Nowhere

An epic fantasy/wild west tale about a town that is ripped from Eastern Arizona circa 1888 and dropped into something very like Robert E. Howard’s Hyborean Age. It is sword and sorcery, gunslingers and steam as the townspeople struggles to survive and a man left behind searches to be reunited with his family.

The First Eight Chapters in Ebook and Audiobook Format
In which we finish mainlining the whole thing.
In which we mainline the whole thing.
Nowhere Ch. 21 - From The AshesListen now (17 min) | Laura looked out over what was left of the Town of Grantham. Smoldering buildings. Bodies scattered across the street. She…
Nowhere Ch. 20 - All Against AllListen now (10 min) | The town burned through the night and when the glow of dawn finally overpowered the glow of the embers, the townspeople who were…
Nowhere Ch. 19 - Virgil Strikes the EarthListen now (12 min) | Virgil had sat in the Nothing with the Shaman for an amount of time he could not identify. He asked, "I saw you dead. How is any…
Nowhere Ch. 18 - Up in FlamesListen now (28 min) | Dance crawled until he passed out. He couldn’t say how long he slept, but he was brought back to consciousness by the peaceful…
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