I’m actively writing an ongoing series called How to Succeed in Evil, an ongoing story about Edwin Windsor, Evil Efficiency Consultant for Supervillains. He and his associates (Agnes and Topper) provide good advice, but the villains don’t listen because they are all too egomanical. It’s a loving satire of the superhero genre.

I also write humorous and thoughtful essays about topics I’m thinking about to do this work. Or to get out of my head to be clear enough to do the work. The cream of what you might find in a writer’s commonplace book.

Almost everything is podcasted. And this includes interviews with interesting and entertaining people. One of the absolute best ways to do research and spark ideas is simply to go have a conversation with someone worth talking to.

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You can find out more about me at the infrequently updated, www.patrickemclean.com. but, nobody goes there much anymore. It’s way cooler here.