Talking Evil with Edward Newton


If you were the Showrunner of How to Succeed in Evil, what would you do with it? That’s the question I ask Edward Newton.

He’s is a great guy. Super conceptual and every time I talk to him, the ideas just bounce around like pinball machine on speed.

I first met him when he premiered Stranger Things (No, not the Netflix one — this was before that.) which was a sci-fi podcast series that he basically wrote and produced that was shockingly good. If you don't know how hard it is to actually pull off all of that off, it's impossible.

He's gone on to have a nice career in media. You can IMDB him -- but he's a thinker. And I've never talked with him and not had a great idea come up. He's been instrumental in helping me make How to Succeed in Evil better. And that's why I'm talking with him today.

So enjoy the podcast, or not. And then ask yourself the question I pose to Edward: If you were the publisher or showrunner of How to Succeed in Evil, what would you absolutely want out of the premise?

I feel a responsibility to squeeze as much great stuff out of this idea as possible, and you can help. If you have an idea, please share it. I can't promise that I will act on your input, but I can promise to take it seriously.

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