So much happens in this chapter! Wow! I am very concerned for everybody!

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I’ve been so busy, but I finally got around to listening to another chapter. That was awesome! Terrifying with that creature and the oppressive darkness. Cool creepy stuff! I love it. I could picture him up on that A-frame of ladders. I have to know what happened to him.

The line about Dance looking like 20 miles of bad road was awesome. I wish more authors sprinkled that quality of prose in their stories like you do. I love it. It’s what I find in the classics, but unlike many of those your story isn’t boring and leaves me wanting more with each chapter.

As a pastor, the character of the pastor was super interesting to me. I think you did a good job with his dialogue and how he acts. Can’t wait to keep going with this story!

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we got attacks by land, sea and air so far. Next chapter is a cyber attack no doubt.

No idea how dance kept from shooting (at) his horse when he awoke.

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