I had the title, but I thought they were going to rename Grantham after it jumped. But this way seemed more fun and natural so...

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Apr 17, 2022·edited Apr 17, 2022

“The smoke from the fire rose straight into the air, up to the cold and indifferent stars that twinkled down on one man's problems from so impossibly far away.”

“The terrible longing washed out of him and into the fire. It rose into the smoke, and the smoke, like water finding the easiest path to the sea, found the quickest path to his desire.”

Beautiful prose. I loved it!

Where is this place Virgil has found? Can’t wait to read more to find out!

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"Hunh, a town called Nowhere.” Title drop! Quick question; did you know what the title of this story was going to be from the beginning, or did it come to you over time?

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