New How to Succeed in Evil Book!

S1 E3: Brainitar is now available on Amazon

It’s not every day I publish a book. But today is one of those rare days. The latest installment in the How to Succeed in Evil series, Brainitar, is available now on Amazon. Here’s the blurb.

After a billionaire tech genius (Eduardo Zusk) spends his entire fortune transplanting his brain into a multi-function pod, Windsor and Associates sign their most promising client yet, the perfectly "rational" Brainitar. But when a design flaw in his new container drives him insane, Edwin, Agnes and Topper struggle to stay one step ahead of the unfeeling and unhinged Braintiar as he tries to poison Third City's water supply.

Will Braintiar kill everybody? Will the Lynx finally get his heroic moment? Is Agnes ever going to let up on Topper? Can anyone outscheme Edwin Windsor's? All this and more in the latest installment of How to Succeed in Evil: Brainitar.

The audio for the second book, “The Mighty Manligator” will drop next week. If you are a paying subscriber you will get a link to download that. If you’re not, you can click this button to become a paying subscriber:

Or pick it up on your favorite audiobook platform.

I'll be releasing a good chunk of the audio on a podcast episode next week as well. So, stay tuned.