Fake Bible Verses Published with the Help of Python?

Here's a review copy.

As you might know, for the past few years, I've been playing a game with friends, where we make up funny bible-sounding verses. You are welcome to play too, either in the comments, or by going to fakebibleverses.com.

I've complied all of them (so far) into a quote book that's now available on Amazon. There is, of course, the eternal publishing launch problem of having zero reviews when you start.

Curs’d were they then, forced to get their bread through the clack of keyboard and hunch of back

Writers 3:1

So in an Utterly Shameless Ploy™ I'm giving you a free copy of the book, in the hopes that it will.

  1. Amuse you.

  2. Induce you to go leave a review on Amazon.

Even if you hate it and believe that I am destined to burn in hell for such a well-designed and hilarious sacrilege, *leave a review anyway.* Open up the stop-cock on your outrag'e'd spleen and let it vent. Because -- and this is a fascinating fact for me -- even books with bad reviews sell more than books with no reviews.

To get your free copy, just click here. https://dl.bookfunnel.com/sapjxxjf7a

In the meantime, some samples of the false piety that waits you within:

“Know thyself through the likes of many”

— Selfies 10:1

“And he broke the bread and spread upon it the churned milk of the mayonnaise tree,”

— Condiments 16:3

“Righten to tighten, leften to do the devil’s work.”

— Mnemonics 14:2

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Designing in Python

One of the coolest parts of this project is that that I laid out the physical book interior programmatically using a program called DrawBot. https://www.drawbot.com/ If you are a designer who is code curious, or vice-versa, you should definitely have a look at https://pythonfordesigners.com/

At best, I am a mediocre designer and programmer. But when you combine those things, somehow, magic happens. Well, with the able assistance of Brandon Scharr who designed the cover and the good looking bit ( as well as contributing a good number of very funny quotes ) it all worked. I know this isn't much in the world of development and automation, but going from a .csv file of quotes to a finished pdf with one click feels like a superpower to me.