Author Update -- May was Tough


You remember that one time time when you were a kid, maybe five or so, and you were running — running faster than you ever had before? And you leaned way out in front of your feet. After all, that’s the motion that makes running possible, falling forward and catching yourself. But that time, something was different. Because you were running so fast, you couldn’t slow down. You could only fall down.

And wipe out you did. Probably hitting your head and seeing stars. Maybe that was just me.

Annnnyway, that was my May. I rightly saw that I needed to slow down — having a mountain of paying work and generally being just worn out. Then (plot twist) I and my whole family got COVID.

Now, of the COVID to get, I can recommend the whatever strain we had. Three days of flu-like symptoms, then feeling relatively better. No trips to the hospital. But the difference between this COVID and the flu was the fatigue. Just exhaustion from getting through the day. To say nothing of the terror and chaos of the Mom Down scenario my family had spend all those years not preparing for.

We’re all fine and back to as normal as we get. But my plan to use May to get further ahead by pulling back a little didn’t come together as intended. In fact, I didn’t even manage to produce less content. April was 9,000 words of finished audio. And in May (while I was supposed to be taking a break) I produced 8,500 words of finished audio which I could have easily cliff-hangered into four installments, but it didn’t feel right for the pacing.

I suck so much I can’t even slow down when I want to? (how ridiculous is that?)

So, June will continue on the same schedule. I am going to finish this. I am excited to finish it. I just can’t get to it as fast as I would like.